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League of Legends level symbol Created using VPN League of Legends champion Clean accounts on provides a 14 refund policy. sells unverified accounts only.
  • Unranked Accounts

    All accounts are level 30 and unranked!
  • VPN

    All accounts have been created using secure VPN connections.
  • 5 Champions included

    All regions containing this icon ensures that every account purchased from this region has 5 champions right of the bat.
  • Clean accounts

    All accounts have been created and leveled only by us.
  • Refund Policy

    We offer a 14 day refund policy on all our accounts, this means we will give you a new and working account. This does not apply if the ban was caused by the use of third-party software (cheats/exploits/hacks).
  • Unverified accounts

    All accounts purchased from us are unverified, this means once you verify the e-mail address on the account it is yours forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is it safe to buy LoL accounts?
Absolutely! When buying level 30 League of Legend accounts from smurf-farm you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality, hand made LoL account.
2 Have any ranked games been played this season or any prior seasons?
No. The accounts were created in the current season and no ranked games have been played.
3 Do these accounts come with any runes or champions?
All accounts come with 5 champions. IP has not been spent on runes. This allows you to customize your account with your desired runes.
4 How do I change the account information?
The email will list detailed instructions on how to change your information. The process should take no more than 2 minutes!
5 Do I need the current email of the account to change the email or password?
No. The current email is unregistered. You only need the Username and password.
6 Other Questions?
You can contact us by using the contact form here.

What our customers say

We like to share the opionions of our customers.

I bought an (NA) 30k+ IP account and got the email after about 2 minutes. Happy with the account. Thank you!
Really good accounts. I just bought my 3rd account. They are the cheapest I could find, I have been playing on the first two for months and they haven't been banned. Overall I would give 10/10, however this is the second account I bought here that comes with a game of 20 minute leaverbuster.... Really annoying, so maybe 9/10?
Bought a 30k EUW account, received it instantly with some extra IP!!
Bought a EUW account with 25K IP! Was instant and able to change all details! Going to have some fun on this account!! THANKS
1st I bought an account else where it was suspended, tried this site and im very happy. Been playing on the account for months and no problem. Would recommend to anybody
Been almost a month, acc isn't banned, instant delivery!
Bought a 30k EUW account, received it instantly. Trusted service \(^^.)/
First account was suspended, they immediately sent a new working account, fastest and smoothest place to buy accounts in my opinion.
Fantastic service! Instant delivery.
Instant delivery, a lot satisfied! Just a nice site where buy accounts for get start !
Bought an EUW 30k ip account, recieved it in my emails after payment. Great service!
Bought an EUW 20k+ account and received an account with 26k IP!
Extremely fast delivery, instructions provided by mail are very clear and easy to follow.
Great website, accounts came with way more IP than promised. I even get a customized website account where all my purchases are there as well as details on each purchase such as exact amount of IP that is on it.
Very proffessional and customer friendly service!
I can recommend this to anyone who wants to buy smurf accounts save and secure!
Instant and smooth service. Can recommend. Best smurf service so far, friendly user interface and painless delivery. Ps. Received an account with flattering 9k bonus ip!